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backyardigans-musical-numbers❤: what's the difference between a clarinet and an onion? nobody cries when you chop a clarinet up into little pieces Apr 27, 2015 20:01:38 GMT -5
backyardigans-musical-numbers❤: how can you prevent your oboe from being stolen? put it in a clarinet case Apr 27, 2015 20:01:59 GMT -5
backyardigans-musical-numbers❤: how do you know a clarinet player is playing loud? you can almost hear them Apr 27, 2015 20:02:45 GMT -5
backyardigans-musical-numbers❤: hey, did you hear about the clarinet that played in tune? yeah, neither did i Apr 27, 2015 20:03:35 GMT -5
backyardigans-musical-numbers❤: and my personal favorite: what does a clarinet have in common with a lawsuit? everyone is glad when the case is closed Apr 27, 2015 20:04:23 GMT -5
ಠ益ಠ: o-o Apr 27, 2015 20:05:39 GMT -5
backyardigans-musical-numbers❤: why are there so many clarinets in concert bands? it increases the odds that one will play the correct note Apr 27, 2015 20:06:47 GMT -5
backyardigans-musical-numbers❤: real talk people like to diss clarinets but tbh they really arent that bad Apr 27, 2015 20:07:06 GMT -5 *
backyardigans-musical-numbers❤: okay here's a good one.......why was the clarinet nervous? because they were in treble Apr 27, 2015 20:08:52 GMT -5
backyardigans-musical-numbers❤: hey come on the jokes werent that bad..... Apr 27, 2015 20:10:51 GMT -5
Fruity: Clarinets can either make nice sounds, or can sound like fire has rained down upon a village and the alarm is slightly old but still works. For me right now it's the second one and I wish I could get clearer notes Apr 27, 2015 20:21:21 GMT -5
Fruity: I only just now saw the jokes. true fax Apr 27, 2015 20:22:15 GMT -5
Kätzchen: im still angry i cannot lie down on a cloud Apr 27, 2015 20:28:10 GMT -5
backyardigans-musical-numbers❤: clarinets can have nice sounds if u can actually get them to work tbh....Always Squeaking Apr 27, 2015 20:30:42 GMT -5
backyardigans-musical-numbers❤: at any rate i gtg. i bid u all farewell. may ur clarinet-playing ventures be better than mediocre..... Apr 27, 2015 20:31:10 GMT -5 *
Fruity: bye Apr 27, 2015 20:35:03 GMT -5
Littlewing: SO I have to present this thing. Apr 27, 2015 20:58:12 GMT -5
Littlewing: And Apr 27, 2015 20:58:26 GMT -5
Littlewing: I don't want to. In fact, last time I presented it, I started crying one paragraph in, dropped my cue cards, and curled up in a ball on the ground bawling my eyes out. Apr 27, 2015 20:59:15 GMT -5 *
Littlewing: I DON'T WANT TO PRESENT THIS THING. Apr 27, 2015 20:59:27 GMT -5