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✿^ThunderStorm^✿: Hai! Sept 4, 2015 20:34:10 GMT -5
-♣-DяWσℓƒєн-♣-: im trying to work on this request and I completely forgot how I did the leaves on your request, gray. I really need to remember though but SAI saves layer info, not brush info. TAT Sept 4, 2015 20:51:06 GMT -5
plus agréable: yeh that's really weird I'm sure there must be some complicated way to save brushes on Paint Tool SAI Sept 4, 2015 20:55:03 GMT -5
detectiveham: scrreNs Sept 4, 2015 20:57:07 GMT -5
detectiveham: how is SAI bc ive never used it but it seems nice Sept 4, 2015 20:57:51 GMT -5
pacific: Hᴀɪ Sept 4, 2015 21:00:04 GMT -5
-♣-DяWσℓƒєн-♣-: probably Sept 4, 2015 21:07:16 GMT -5
-♣-DяWσℓƒєн-♣-: Its nice, but it took me a bit to learn it all. Sept 4, 2015 21:07:26 GMT -5
-♣-DяWσℓƒєн-♣-: I took an hour out of my day when I got the full version just to try to learn what everything does, so I wouldn't be a noob. .w. Sept 4, 2015 21:07:52 GMT -5
-♣-DяWσℓƒєн-♣-: Still dont know a lot though Sept 4, 2015 21:11:58 GMT -5
✿^ThunderStorm^✿: Lol, that was an hour wasted Sept 4, 2015 21:22:18 GMT -5
detectiveham: oy this is late response but i just use firealpaca buy Sept 4, 2015 21:48:02 GMT -5
detectiveham: but*** everyone seems to use SAI and it seems nice Sept 4, 2015 21:48:24 GMT -5
plus agréable: yeh Paint Tool SAI is very nice. I tried firealpaca for a little bit and it's actually very similar, but to me I like how the pen tool feels on Paint Tool SAI more Sept 4, 2015 21:57:29 GMT -5
detectiveham: firealpaca is gr8 but it throws fits often Sept 4, 2015 22:06:19 GMT -5
detectiveham: then again that could b my crummy virusfilled laptop Sept 4, 2015 22:06:37 GMT -5
Phoe: SAI is a very good program Sept 4, 2015 22:21:15 GMT -5
Phoe: it's lightweight and powerful tbh, plus it's v easy to use Sept 4, 2015 22:21:59 GMT -5
Phoe: i use it all the time Sept 4, 2015 22:22:12 GMT -5
Phoe: i have a few other art programs on my computer but i use sai all the time Sept 4, 2015 22:22:20 GMT -5