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✞~Spottedleaf~✞: I had been close to 3 and a half years. May 25, 2015 23:21:40 GMT -5
Fruity: Also I'm slightly regretting the end of this school year, because next year they're integrating another grade to my school. Instead of just 3 it'll be 4 grades like most high schools, but at least they're adding a new building. May 25, 2015 23:22:00 GMT -5
✞~Spottedleaf~✞: I missed because I was sick with Bronchitis, or something similar to that, at least. May 25, 2015 23:22:11 GMT -5
Phoe: They say the strike will end around the middle of this week but it doesn't seem like it'll end Tuesday (technically today) and it might end on Wednesday or Thursday, but here's to another week. May 25, 2015 23:24:12 GMT -5
Phoe: I haven't slept so well in ages May 25, 2015 23:24:31 GMT -5
Phoe: Even though "sleeping well" roughly translates to "sleeping at 2 am and waking up at 12 pm" May 25, 2015 23:26:26 GMT -5
Fruity: I'm glad today was Memorial Day... I would've been wrecked if it wasn't, haha May 25, 2015 23:26:33 GMT -5
✞~Spottedleaf~✞: I'm in Gulf Shores, Alabama right now. I'm perfectly fine. XD May 25, 2015 23:26:55 GMT -5
Fruity: As long as you get enough sleep, then does when you wake up really matter? May 25, 2015 23:27:03 GMT -5
✞~Spottedleaf~✞: I woke up at 11 today. May 25, 2015 23:27:36 GMT -5
Fruity: It oddly enough seems that the later I stay up sometimes, the earlier I get up. May 25, 2015 23:28:06 GMT -5
✞~Spottedleaf~✞: I've had to go to bed decently early this week because my sister's wedding is Thursday. May 25, 2015 23:33:59 GMT -5
Fruity: Nice! Have fun, I guess? May 25, 2015 23:40:58 GMT -5
✞~Spottedleaf~✞: I'll be in the wedding. I don't know what it will be like since I haven't even been to a wedding. May 26, 2015 0:12:17 GMT -5
✞~Spottedleaf~✞: I posted pictures of the venue on the All nighter thread. May 26, 2015 0:13:40 GMT -5
Fruity: I'm really sort of confused about this assignment that's due tomorrow for 500 points? Gee wiz May 26, 2015 0:23:22 GMT -5
✞~Spottedleaf~✞: What is it? May 26, 2015 0:26:39 GMT -5
Fruity: We have to do an 8-team single elimination thing where we summarize 8 history events and then eliminate one and tell why the one not eliminated was chosen, eventually narrowing it down to a single winner which we then have to make a poster about. May 26, 2015 0:34:05 GMT -5
Fruity: I mean I've got a lot of it done but still. May 26, 2015 0:34:20 GMT -5
Centuries of Immortals.: hoo hoo hoo May 26, 2015 1:40:39 GMT -5